AML in 1win Canada

1win AML policy in Canada

What Is Meant by Money Laundering?

Money laundering is:

  • Concealing or upholding the secrecy of facts about the real source, location, disposition, transportation, ownership, or other rights of property obtained through criminal conduct (or property acquired in exchange for such property);
  • The use of property acquired through criminal activity (or property acquired in exchange for such property) for purposes of concealing its illicit origin or assisting those who engage in criminal activity to escape the consequences of their actions;
  • A circumstance in which the property was acquired as a result of criminal activity committed on another state’s soil.

What is money laundering and how 1win is preventing it

Obligations of 1win Users

Numerous countries are continually battling against money laundering and terrorist funding in order to stop the infiltration of illegal capital into the state’s economy and to stop the spread of crime, and Canada is not an exception. To assist states and international organizations in their global fight against money laundering and terrorist funding, 1win implements internal policies and unique programs of measures.

1win obligations in regard to AML policy

When you create a profile on the 1win site or 1win mobile app, you commit to the following:


The following documents may be requested from the player by the Company in order to check and verify the accuracy of the details:

  • Passport;
  • Identification card;
  • An alternative document that has been issued by the nation’s government and includes the owner’s name, birth date, and photo.

Documents that may be requested from 1win players