1win Terms and Conditions in Canada

1win online casino terms and conditions

Regulations for Taking Sports Bets

Coefficients and the maximum bet sizes are subject to change at 1win discretion. Only bets that stay within your profile’s balance are accepted. When a sports bet is registered, the bet’s sum is taken out of the balance. As soon as the bet is settled, the earnings are added to your profile.

The bookmaker may nevertheless have limits on how many bets a single player may make on a single event or a number of outcomes. Bets must be placed before the start of the event (not for live bets); the date, time, and any pertinent comments supplied in the line are only estimates.

If the bet was placed, for whatever reason, after the game had already started, it would be declared invalid. Bets on live events are an exception.

1win sports bets regulations in Canada

Live Bets Acceptance

Live bets are accepted on any outcome you can find on the site or in the 1win mobile app. One or more single live bets may be included in the same express. After registering on the site and obtaining the online confirmation, the bet will be regarded as accepted. After it has been accepted, the bet is considered final and cannot be changed.

The bookie rejects all responsibility for errors in the most recent results of matches on which live bets are accepted. The player must also look for additional objective information sources. Live bets are final and cannot be changed or removed.

Terms for live betting on 1win Canada

Profile Set-up

For access to all of the services on the site, you must first register a profile. For this purpose, the player can register or just enter their email address and a password they’ve created, which will be used to log into their profile. You also have to reveal your non-public details like your phone.

During registration, players must provide a valid email address. In order to confirm the authenticity of such data, the company may want to examine the documentation establishing the player’s identity.

Gamers confirm that they provide correct and complete details about themselves during the site registration process. If anything changes in this area, players must immediately update their profile.

1win profile set-up conditions in Canada

Player’s Non-Public Details

When the casino makes use of the sensitive details it has discovered as a result of a user’s visit to this site, it is required to adhere to Canadian laws governing the protection of confidential material. The company scrupulously adheres to all rules for safeguarding the private data of players. 1win absolutely adheres to the privacy document when managing any concealed details provided by gamblers.

Any material you post with your permission is permitted to be utilized by the company.

1win commits not to disclose or transmit any nonpublic details about players to anybody else, with the exception of acquirer processors and staff who can only use it for the provision of higher-quality services on a need-to-know basis. For the purpose of precisely recording all information received, 1win maintains copies of each letter it gets from players.

1win rules conserning player's private details

Amendment of Conditions

1win Canada is able to change the agreement if necessary for several reasons, including those related to business, law, and player assistance. The exact details of the agreement, as well as the dates on which they took effect, are listed on the website.

The player is solely responsible for reading the most recent document version. The company is free to alter the functionality of the site whenever it pleases, without providing players with any prior notice.

If any updated terms of the document are unacceptable to the player, they must stop using the website or app. Any additional use of the Internet site after the changed clauses of the agreement take into effect will be regarded to be full acceptance, regardless of whether the player received the proper notification or learned of the adjustments through the renewed document.

1win policies regarding amendments to terms and conditions

Claims and Notifications

If you have any complaints or issues with how the casino is running, you must first send the complaint to the assistance team as soon as you can. You can do it by using:

  • Live Chat;
  • Email.

The player agrees that the server-stored dispute record may be used as proof in determining whether the claim is valid.

1win claims and notifications in Canada

Resolution of Contentious Situations

You can contest any situation. In the event of the provision of any specific details, facts, and arguments, the casino shall carefully and in good faith analyze any disputable matters.

Information that is debatable must be submitted in writing, together with supporting evidence and arguments, via the website’s online chat feature or by emailing the support team.

The claim letter or suggestion will be considered within 14 days of receipt, and the player will be informed of the outcome of consideration in the reply letter. If more inspections are required, 1win Canada is permitted to extend the time frame for consideration of the request by up to 30 days from the date it was received.

The text of the letter must not contain any unlawful language, infractions of any kind, or false details.

1win resolution of difficult situations


Monetary bonuses have wagering stipulations, and they only apply to the bonus amount. If the bonus is a percentage of the initial deposit, the bet must equal that percentage. The bet amount will be determined by the site and will depend on the bonus action that was taken.

The monetary bonus in Canadian dollars can only be withdrawn if it has been fully won back. The player will not need to pay any CAD from their balance to receive a bonus in cases where money incentives are accrued for registration or in other circumstances, therefore withdrawal of the bonus accrual will not be available prior to the first top-up.

1win terms regarding bonuses and promotions