1win Privacy Policy in Canada

1win privacy policy for Canadian players

Details Gathering Methods by 1win

You may be prompted to provide sensitive details when you access or use particular 1win services. The casino can ask for your contact details or specific documents when you sign up, verify the profile, or contact support with questions or issues.

When you visit the 1win internet site or use its services, the company may also automatically gather some material about you, such as your IP address, operating system, and other details. For 1win, this material is helpful since it allows it to better understand how you are using the site or app and services so the brand can continue to offer the greatest experience. 

The gambling site may occasionally obtain non-public details about you from other places, including openly accessible facts or reliable outside organizations like payment processors. 1win uses this material to confirm the hidden data you supply and to complement the non-public details the company already has about you. They also use it to better inform, personalize, and improve services.

The private data gathering methods used by 1win Canada

How Does 1win Use Sensitive Details?

1win has the authority to use your confidential material for the following purposes:

  • To set up and manage your profile as well as to assess whether you are eligible to use specific services, such as when 1win checks your age;
  • To assist you, such as by helping to resolve any problems you may be having with the internet sites, whether they be technical, financial, or otherwise;
  • To improve 1win’s services. For this purpose, the casino tests, develops, and performs technical analysis on new features as well as existing ones to improve player satisfaction and give you more effective tools;
  • To protect you, other Canadian players, and 1win itself by preventing, detecting, and reporting crime;
  • To monitor, oversee, and verify financial transactions;
  • To evaluate your gambling behavior to promote responsible gaming;
  • To keep an eye on playing activity and control the odds and risk of the company.

The way sensitive details are used in 1win

Details Storage

You can delete some details whenever you choose, some material is removed automatically, and the company may keep other facts for longer periods of time as needed. When the data is purged, the gambling site ensures that it is securely erased from the servers or is only kept in an anonymous form.

1win provides a number of options that let you update or remove material linked to or saved in your profile. You can, for instance:

  • Edit your non-public details;
  • Remove a chat message;
  • Completely delete your profile.

In order to fulfill regulatory and legal requirements and to be able to defend itself against claims made after the closure of your profile or your final contact with 1win, the company will maintain this material in your account for a total of five years, up until that point.

Private data storage practices implemented in 1win


The following technical and organizational safeguards are in place as part of 1win’s commitment to safeguarding your hidden data:

  • Data encryption;
  • Limited access;
  • Network protection;
  • Secure data centers;
  • Security monitoring.

1win data security rules in Canada

SSL Encryption

A 256-bit key is used to encrypt all crucial communications between the player and the site using Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL).

SSl encryption in 1win Canada