1win Responsible Gaming in Canada

1win responsible gaminng policies in Canada

Keeping of Control

The purpose of gaming on the casino’s site or 1win mobile app is purely recreational. It’s a fun way to pass the time, play against live dealers, and meet people who share your interests. You should be prudent and enjoy your free time when you play games. Every gamer in Canada must always keep these things in mind:

  • Gambling is only a way to pass the time and not a way to make money;
  • If you lose, you shouldn’t strive to win it back right away;
  • You can only begin the game if you promise to spend no more than you are able to afford;
  • Never forget to keep track of the time and money you invested in a game.

The ways to maintain control while gamblining on 1win

Prevention of the Gaming Mania

There is a small percentage of gamblers who struggle with gaming mania among the vast majority of people for whom gaming is just a light-hearted form of entertainment. The results of the most recent studies show that just a tiny minority of adults experience the issue known as gaming obsession. But 1win pays close attention to that issue and advises gamblers to constantly have in mind that:

  • Since gambling is dependent on the law of probability, there are no formulas or systems that can ensure winning;
  • The desire to participate in the game must come only from you;
  • Playing casino games is a form of entertainment, not a means of quick money or debt repayment;
  • The sum of money you spend on the game should always be taken into consideration;
  • When playing, you must always be aware of the game’s regulations.

Advice on preventing gambling addiction for 1win players

How To Identify Gambling Mania?

It might be challenging to distinguish between a positive gaming love and a destructive addiction. However, various signs could indicate that Canadian gamers are starting to experience problems. Ten questions are posed to you for response. If you answered “yes” to at least five of them, there’s a good chance you already have a gaming obsession:

  1. You play games on a regular basis, right?
  2. Are you constantly raising the sums you bet?
  3. Do you borrow money to play casino games?
  4. Do you regularly go over your allotted playing time?
  5. Do frequent visits to the online casino harm your reputation?
  6. When you’re unable to place a bet, do you feel frustrated or disappointed?
  7. Do you use gaming as a means of problem-solving?
  8. Do you often have to win back?
  9. Did you make unsuccessful attempts to limit your playing or the amount of time you spend in the casino?
  10. Don’t you share your love of gaming with your family?

Instruction on identifying gambling addiction for 1win players


Contact customer support if you want to delete your 1win profile. Most of the time, you will have the option to restart your account. However, if you ask for a permanent closure, the company must comply with your request in every case; reopening is not allowed.

1win self-exclusion options for Canadians

Get More Assistance Online

Organizations and charities that can offer assistance and guidance include:

Gambling addiction assistance for 1win players from Canada